Welcome to the PrEP Communications Accelerator

Fast tracking PrEP uptake through strategic communications

What is the PrEP Communications Accelerator?

This free, interactive, digital resource helps national governments, program implementers, and health practitioners develop marketing and communications campaigns to create demand for PrEP in sub-Saharan African countries. Both easy-to-use and information-rich, the Accelerator offers guidance throughout the lifecycle of a communications campaign for PrEP; it is applicable across all PrEP formulations.

Additional content includes information about and messaging for the General Population. The intent of communication efforts targeted toward this group is not to encourage the use of PrEP by everyone but rather educate about PrEP to the full population and create general positive awareness for the new HIV prevention method. Creating an enabling and supportive environment for a PrEP campaign is vital to its success.

It’s based on five target audiences for HIV prevention, all high-risk populations across sub-Saharan Africa. Interactive tools and resources in the Accelerator help health program implementers understand these audiences and how best to reach them, to jumpstart their important work in spreading awareness and acceptance of PrEP as an HIV prevention method.

Is the PrEP Communications Accelerator for me?

This tool is meant to equip anyone who is rolling out a PrEP program, communicating about PrEP, or seeking to drive demand for PrEP in sub-Saharan Africa. If you’re a program manager, communication specialist, researcher, government official, employee of an NGO/CBO, or other stakeholder invested in creating demand for HIV prevention methods—then this guide is for you. It’s specifically meant for those who work in resource- and time-constrained environments—that’s why it’s an “accelerator,” meant to save precious time in research and planning.

How do I use the Communications Fast Tracker?

There is a lot of content in this guide! Here are a few ideas of how to get started: You’ll want to start by exploring the Communications Fast Tracker. This interactive tool provides a customized communications plan for any combination of audience and setting.

As you’re exploring, please keep in mind: These insight-driven, audience-centric strategies are essentially the blueprints for the communication campaigns that PrEP users will eventually see. They do not contain any language that is intended to be seen by PrEP users. In addition, the fact that the strategies are audience-centric does not mean that the campaign will call or single out any specific audience as being targeted for PrEP uptake. It only means that campaign planners, with a strategy in hand, can plan a campaign that is more insightful, focused and effective in creating demand for PrEP.

You simply enter the high-risk audience you’re seeking to reach, and the setting where you hope to reach them, and the tool will provide strategies, important communications messages, and other insights that help inform your communications strategy. Note that this selector tool is not location-specific, but it provides output based on general setting (national, sub-national, community, or clinic level). 

Alternatively, you may start with the Demand Creation 101, which offers an overview of the steps you’ll need to take in planning your campaign. It covers how to source audience insights through research, how to craft an evidence-based strategy, how to measure and evaluate your campaign, and more.

To learn more about the high-risk audiences and how best to reach them with information about PrEP, you might start with Comprehensive Audience Profiles. Each of these five documents profiles a different audience. These profiles aggregate research materials about each audience, including information about what PrEP benefits are most important to each audience, and which media channels are best for reaching them.

The Accelerator is meant to be a useful resource, with insights for any stage of planning your communications; you may find it useful to go back and forth between different sections, and you may find yourself returning to sections several times through the course of your work.

This resource is for you—use it however it works best for you. For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Accelerator@optionsconsortium.org.