Audience Profiles

These profiles offer aggregated research about target audiences for HIV prevention, with insights into appropriate media channels, resonant messages, and other factors that can help shape your PrEP communications.
  • Caught between finding their own way and fitting in with their peers, this group faces a steep risk of HIV—in some countries, as much as four times that of young men.

  • Members of this diverse group experience varying degrees of loss of agency. Violence, stigma, and criminalization of sex work often make HIV prevention and health services unattainable.

  • Whether their same-sex sexual behavior defines their identity or not, these men live life “under the radar” out of fear, shame, and mistrust, as they face extreme stigma.

  • Struggling to stay afloat while bearing the heavy weight of drug addiction, members of this group face overwhelming, interconnected challenges that often make health care a low priority.

  • The discovery that one partner in a committed relationship is HIV-positive often sparks mistrust, loss of intimacy, and despair, especially regarding the desire for children.